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Custom and special applications:

Norlok prides itself on its ability to assess special applications, from the largest multi-purpose machines to the simplest designs, and to provide cost-effective, practical solutions according to the customer’s specifications.

Our Engineering Department is on the leading edge of technology and innovation, and is committed to designing the most suitable machine for every application.

Once overall dimensions are determined, the 3D CAD models can be loaded into our finite element analysis software, where simulated loads are applied. This ensures that the machine is designed to the highest possible standards.

Once this requirement is met, the model can be placed back into our CAD software, and the design finalized, before finally generating machining drawings for our modern production facility.

Advanced CAD and manufacturing capabilities set us apart!

Norlok can analyze most CAD drawing formats, so feel free to contact us and send us your part files.

Solidworks, STL, STEP, DXF, IGES and SAT can usually be imported and either checked against our standard equipment for fit, or have a custom machine designed around them.



Case study

When this customer approached us with a special application, we first analyzed the part to find optimal punch locations and part orientation. This is done in some of the most advanced CAD software on the market.

After the part is analyzed, the best combination of tooling, power units, and safety features are chosen and design work begins. Fabrication of the machine begins, and since machining and assembly are done here at Norlok, specifications and quality are monitored closely to ensure a machine built to the highest standards.

This machine is representative of just some of the capabilities of the Norlok design, manufacturing and programming teams. These machines were designed with expandability and ease of operation & maintenance in mind.

The part positioning systems, variable stroke die set, automatic screw feeding, and the part sensing were all designed with long life, high machine up time and ease of use in mind.