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You could fasten sheet metal....

  • Without the fumes, sparks and damage of spot welding.
  • Without the predrilled holes and hassles of riveting...and...all at a lower cost!

Join the thousands of others who have already started clinching.

What are the advantages of clinching?

•Fast and consistent joint quality
 With fast cycle times and unsurpassed consistency, production is increased.

•No rivets, bolts, fasteners, heat or adhesives
 The least expensive way to fasten material.

•No fumes, heat or electrical hookups
 Clinching allows for a clean and safe working environment.

•Little or no damage to material
 No rework as there is no heat to burn paint or galvanized finishes.

•Join dissimilar material
 Fasten different materials and thickness together with the same machine.

•Simple adjustments and very little maintenance
 Save on downtime and maintenance.

•Portable and versatile
 Norlok machines can be built in portable versions or custom designed to fit your needs.