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The "M" Class

The most cost-effective multiple clinching solution.

The Norlok "M" Class Clinching System is designed for applications that require many clinchloks and where speed is crucial. Simply specify the spacing, number of clinches and material thickness and a system will be designed for you.

• Operator control panel with jog up/down & E-stop
• Hydraulic system with reservoir & heat exchanger
• Starter & disconnects included
• Punches, dies & strippers included
• Slotted mounting plates for easy machine setup
• Logic circuit schematics provided
• Specify voltage, clinch spacing (3" minimum typical) and profile
• Fasten multiple clinches at once, typically in less than 4 seconds
• Fasten materials as thin as 30g and as thick as 10g
• Operated with two hand anti-tie down palm button controls for maximum operator safety
• Add or remove clinching heads, have 2 opposing banks, or add more at a later date
• For faster tooling changes and low replacement part costs
• Pressure sensing system for consistent clinches
• Proven reliability and quality