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The Pipelok Machine

Imagine, perfect tubes in half the time!

The new Pipelok machine is capable of joining Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and other metal tubing in 1 stroke. Multiple individual clinches on a Ø3” or larger pipe are now possible with this newly designed equipment.

• Mandrel fixture creates perfectly sized tubes every time
• 2-20 clinches at up to 15 cycles per minute.
• Customizable diameters start at 3”Ø.
• Standard lengths of 9” also customizable.
• Capable of producing 500 tubes per hour
• Quick change punch and die clusters
• Safe hands free press working area
• Light curtain and safety palm buttons
• Perfect for HVAC Elbows and Pipe






Download Brochure (234kb)

Click here to watch a video of the Pipelok in action:

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