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The Surelok III (Now with SPR Tooling option)

Join the clinching revolution!

Superior features include...

APU - Advanced Power Unit.
The New Surelok III is Faster, Smoother, Quieter and Uses less air than ever before.

Stainless Steel Ready.

Order your rectangular tool kit and clinch up to 2 layers of 18 Gauge Stainless Steel (304,308,316 etc).

No hassle 2 minute changeover.

5 Tons of Air Power.

The Surelok III clinches material with 5 TONS of force smoothly and efficiently using only 90psi (6 Bar) shop air. Tooling adapters can be designed for sheet metal work that needs a 5 ton (44.5 kN) press.

Adjustable 2 1/2"[63mm] Stroke.

Convenient Adjustment makes accuracy and safety a snap.

SPR Tooling Kit - Now available.

With the Self Piercing Rivet (SPR) kit available for any Surelok III you can now join Aluminum Composite Materials, TPO and PVC coatings, and other material that were previously too difficult to clinch. No pre drilled holes required!


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When you combine all the features, benefits and quality, the Surelok III sets the standard by which other clinching machines are measured.

"Your SL III Clinching Machine has been received and commissioned successfully at our new premises.  I am so delighted to see this new clinching machine and I believe it can do wonders.  Thank you for your recommendations and we appreciate your good support."

- Ketan Lad, Emirates Trading Agency

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Features & Options


Throat 25" Choose the depth of frame behind punch
Round Punch Comes with 1 punch, 3 Dies, Punch Stripper, and Die Collar
Close reach lower arm Clinch in tight areas – also great for pipes
2 piece die holder and insert Fast to change and easy to clean
Adjustable 2 1/2" stroke Adjust open height to minimize pinch point
"Intelligent" Safety stroke Reduces pinch point to less than 1/4" (6.4mm) even with 2 1/2" (64mm) stroke.
High speed control 1 touch operation with increased speed & reliability
- includes pressure sensing circuit.
Laser pointer Shows where clinch will be made – easy to use
- meets all regulations for laser pointers.
Air Filter / Regulator / Shutoff Nothing to add - just plug your air line into the shut off valve
Extended Warranty standard warranty is 3 years (punches and dies excluded).


Rectangular Tooling

(for Stainless Steel, non-rotating, and Multi layer applications)

1 Complete Set of tooling for 0.12" (3mm) Rectangular clinching.
Includes a Punch Stripper for Rectangular Punch and a Die Collar for Rectangular Die.

Reversible Tooling

(Punch or Die mounts in upper or lower tooling)

1 Set of tooling as either ě0.18 Round (4.6mm) or 0.12" (3mm) Rectangular clinching.
Includes a Punch, Punch Stripper, and Tooling shaft. [Dies sold separately]